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John Morritt is the author of severn successful books, including the Ed Case trilogy; Black Cockles, Nine Lives and Inglorious, amongst others. Fast paced, compelling, contemporary, crime novels, He is also the author of, Vengeance, a story of one man’s quest for revenge on the drunk driver that killed his father twenty years before, which was released in January 2014. John is currently working on his latest novel, which is due for release in 2020.

The Last Hit

What he believes will be one last run-of-the-mill job, turns out to be anything but


~~John Stone, former army sniper, mercenary turned hitman, is sick of killing. When contracted by a shadowy government figure to take down an ex-member of parliament, testifying in an arms scandal that would embarrass the government, Stone decides it would be his last assignment. However, notorious North London gangster, Alex Brant makes him an offer too good to refuse. What he believes will be one last run-of-the-mill job, turns out to be anything but.

Full Circle

Frank Smith looks forward to realising his dream of a comfortable life in sunny climes, but all that is about to change.


Frank Smith looks forward to realising his dream of a comfortable life in sunny climes, after serving twenty years in prison for attempted murder. His dream, however, shatters within days of becoming a free man, when he learns that duplicitous gangland boss Maurice Blair, now respectable businessman and head of a property development company, refuses to give him what is rightfully his. As Frank unravels the web of deception spun by Blair, he returns to a life of crime, while he faces an uncertain future in a world that has moved on leaving him behind.


Ed and TJ are enjoying a quiet life after moving to Cornwall. However, their tranquility comes to an end after Ed discovers a 150-year old mystery while renovating their house.


Enjoying a quiet life after movingto Cornwall, Ed and TJ couldn’t be happier. Their tranquillity, however, is shattered when a bitter resident drags up their past – a violent and tragic past they dearly want to forget.

When Ed unearths a 150-year-old ystery while renovating their house, and as they set about investigating it, they uncover damning details that takes a terrifying turn, exacerbating the resident’s hostility towards them.

Their situation becomes worse when Ed’s friend, DCI Bob Brown, asks him for a favour. Ed knows it wouldn’t be a case of ‘give Roly a knuckle sandwich and job done’; life is never that simple for Ed.

With recent events and his fragile mental health, Ed is caught in a situation where he has to choose between breaking his promise to TJ to stay out of trouble, or help Bob. There is only one outcome and soon Ed finds himself drawn in the criminal underworld of ex-London gangster Harry Daniels.


After witnessing the horrific death of his father, when he was aged five. 

Twenty years later Peter is still haunted by graphic nighmare’s

Peter embarks on a terrifying trail of vengeance.



At the tender age of five, Peter Edwards witnesses the horrific death of his father by a drunk driver. Twenty years later, the nightmares that tortured him for a few years after the accident inexplicably return to haunt him, leading to the breakdown in his relationship with his girlfriend, Janet, and destroying his teaching career.

After a particularly graphic nightmare one night, Peter vividly recalls the face of the killer. He is filled with anger so strong, that he becomes consumed with avenging his father’s death.

Though many dream of revenge, they lack the courage to act. Not Peter Edwards.  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth he tells himself as he embarks on a terrifying trail of vengeance.

Nine Lives

When Soho club owner Johnny Gold, tells Ed “I could use someone like you”. 

Ed has no idea he will be framed for murder and have to survive a terrifying orgy of death.


When Soho club owner Johnny Gold, Tells Ed “I could use someone like you.” Ed Jumps at the opportunity of a job as a bouncer. Little does he know that he is entering a world of sleaze and corruption that will put his very life in danger, because Johnny has a hidden agenda. It is only exotic dancer TJ that stops him walking away but even TJ has a secret.

After Johnny frames Ed for murder, he flees the club in a maelstrom of violence and is pursued the length of the country by two of Soho’s most ruthless gangs, because Ed has something that belongs to Johnny and they all want it back – At Any Cost.

Surviving a terrifying orgy of death and violence Ed heads back to London believing his ordeal is finally over, unaware that his real nightmares are just beginning.

Black Cockles

“Ed is a soft touch for a damsel in distress” and takes Emma to Cornwall to escape her abusive, drug addict fiance. It seemed like a good idea. 

Ed and Emma soon find their holiday rapidly turning into a living nightmare.


“Ed is a soft touch for a damsel in distress”. Therefore taking Emma to Cornwall to put some distance between her and her abusive, drug addict fiance seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, Ed takes her to a place where she is in even more danger as a serial killer is at large, targeting young attractive women.

DCI Bob Brown is heading up the investigation and under increasing preasure to solve the case as each attack becomes more frenzied and the killer remains elusive. Could the answer be as simple as Ed suggests? Brown doesn’t think so.

Ed, however, has other things to worry about as his holiday rapidly turns into a living nightmare, after being singled out by Mack, a local thug whose vindictiveness stops at nothing, not even murder”